Tailored services since 1973

Esplá is an independent legal boutique focused on helping companies solve crises, grow and prosper.
Area 01

Financial Restructuring

For clients who need to renegotiate debt in times of crisis or turn around their business or assets, restructure them, all with the objective of increasing the total value of the company, wealth or assets, and eliminate cash flow tensions or pressure, we accompany and advise with local knowledge and experience in an international market in a continuous, efficient and secure manner to SMEs and middle market companies as well as family estates.
Area 02

Insolvency and Bankruptcy proceedings

We bring to insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, the team, knowledge, legal-economic tools, services and processes, which provide full strategic support according to the client's needs. The Firm has participated in significant insolvency processes, financial and corporate restructurings and investment in productive units and liquidation of companies.
Area 03

International Funding 

We advise and support the company in obtaining financing through venture capital, business angels, participatory loans, entry of new partners, debt issuance, international financing markets or through the issuance, use, negotiation or monetization of financial instruments.
Area 04

Crisis Management.

We provide services that lay the foundations to formulate appropriate strategies in periods of financial or business crisis or change, aimed at stabilizing the company and with a view to increasing the company's value.
Area 05

International trade - Commodities

We provide support in the search for new markets, opportunity identification, financing, contracting and risk detection and protection, in all areas of international commodity trading, including soft commodities, oil and oil products, gas, steel, copper and other non-ferrous and precious metals.
Area 06

Hospitality & 
Real Estate

We have extensive experience in accompanying or representing leading clients in this sector, both in the detection of hotel and real estate business opportunities, as well as in specific investments in Spain, the rest of Europe and Mexico.

Added value.

In a globalized world it is necessary to take advantage of the existing legal and financial tools in a coordinated and complementary manner in business restructurings, crisis processes, or financial needs, therefore we design and offer customized services to solve the client's needs and successfully implement their operations and development plans. 

 For us the final resolution of a client's mandate is as important as the way in which it is carried out. As specialized professionals, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the client's needs and interests in order to obtain the best results.